First of all, I will admit right out of the gate that I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing this. I suppose it’s mostly for myself, a way to organize my thoughts and feelings in the wake of a loss.

My mother passed away yesterday morning, at the age of 58. Despite the assumption that it must assuredly be related to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the cause of death was complications from a series of strokes.

In recent years I had gotten into the habit of telling friends, whenever the subject of parents came up, that I had a “complicated…

By Jason Ryan


To: Billing Department, HR Department, CSTeam, Maintenance Staff, ITSupport

All right, guys, I can take a hint. After my 4th (but not final, FYI) attempt to organize an office-wide fantasy baseball league was ignored and rebuffed: I get it. You do not care for me as a human being in general. I can read the writing on the wall: I will die friendless and alone. That much is clear. I have come to terms with this and it is no longer coming up in therapy sessions with Dr. Mueller. However, I would like something nice…

by Jason Ryan

The Kübler-Ross mode is a series of emotional stages experienced when faced with death, trauma, tragedy, you know, other things that suck. You might not know it by its fancy umlaut-featuring name but you know the stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The last time I flew, an activity which terrifies me to the absolute core, it occurred to me that reading the SkyMall catalog, a staple of air travel, elicits all 5 stages: denial (“I have better things to read, I won’t read it.”), anger (“Why am I reading this?! This is the worst!”), bargaining…

Jason Ryan

Creator of the Real Adult Feelings web series, writer of stuff, eater of food.

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